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handfasting ceremony



well last weekend Partner and i went to a really beautiful wedding/Handfasting. The bride was gorgeous the groom was hansome and we got to catch up with all of Andys old college friends which was great fun.


The only real problem I had with the handfasting was the location chosen, Im not sure if many have heard of the Port Arthur Convict settlement in Tasmania, But this is where the wedding was held.


The wedding again was beautiful but the aura and feeling of the grounds and settlement was quite unnerving, quite a few years back the was a massacre here where a gunman killed something like 10 tourists walking around the historic site...as well as the fact that this is the place where hundreds of convicts were housed and led horrible pain ridden lives. Not many convicts survived here and there are graves all over the place. Not sure if I personally would have chosen this site for my wedding, but I am very happy that for the groom and brides sake they were very happy in their choice and their day was not marred at all by this.


Second antenatal class this week, not as scary as last week and was held by a lovely physiotherapist, so we got to learn some really good exercises for all our aches and pains and ways of preparing for labour...ZOMG! I understand now why my back and hips have been killing me and why i hate walking so much aiiiii!


Valentines day was nice, I find it kinda sad so many people hate it, I understand the commercialism and how that sux and i fully agree with people on that level...it is very much over commercialised...but the meaning behind it is beautiful and I always hold a soft spot in my heart to celebrate it ( yes i am a hopeless romantic and I refuse to give that up...love is a beautiful thing and there is so many different types i think its nice to celebrate something positive). I sent a bunch of friendship cards to all my friends and giving them lots of love and hugs, and Andy got me chocolates and lots of kisses and hugs ( the kisses and hugs were the best part ;D )

We also went to the video store and bought a joint gift...( the extent of our nerdiness knows no bounds..) Ghost in a Shell: Stand alone Complex first season ...ZOMG X10!!! not very romantic but comeon...cyberpunk at its best, cyborgs killing cyborgs...conspiracy theories and awesome weapons not to mention the cutest mecha robots ever ( I want a taichicoma(sp?) !!!!)


hope everyone elses week was good!



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I have been to Port Arthur. That was in 1989, at Christmas time. It was a nice place as far as the grounds went, and great for a history buff, but the energy is really bad there. I could not imagine a wedding on those grounds.



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yeah there is a lot of bad energy there, and it was so dead quiet...very eerie. But each to his own i guess, although I would NEVER have my wedding there...some of the stories I have heard that have happened during the day let alone the night... *shivers*

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