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Darkness Rises.



Well all it has been a long while since I have posted a blog so here goes.


As the Title stats, the darkness is rising....within myself. I have been feeling very dark and angry the last few days maybe longer. I cant put the finger on any one thing, I am just seemingly being bombed by so much that I have no control over. and it is starting to eat at me. Starting to make me want to do something, anything, nothing illegal mind you just something to release some tension and some of this building anger that is reaching near boiling point. There is nothing I can do to correct any of it, at least to my knowledge. I have been burning my candles one after the other trying to aid me in anyway possible. But even that don't seem to do anything. My next thought was to focus some of this dark energy im feeling toward someone that has pissed me off but that wont do anything to fix the problem, but it would make me feel better for a min. well thats it for now I lost interest in doing anymore. ttyl.


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Dark Phoenix


I am sorry to hear of your anger. Just don't do anything to hurt yourself...or us ;) But really, I hope everything works out :beerchug:

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Rowan's Light


Sending big hugs to you.


I know the feeling and usually need to have a good old vent to free myself. My poor hubby gets the brunt of it. Or I need to take some major time out. I personnally take one of the horses out and usually end up pouring everything out to them cos they can't answer back or wont be hurt by what i say.


What ever I do I have to air my feelings. Feel free to air yours on me if you want I'm a good listener.:grouphug1:

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Things are finally starting to turn around slowly for me. I still feel dark and angry at times but not nearly as much as when I first wrote this blog.


Many things have happened in my life since then to change the tide if you will. I have started training on becoming a professional Bowler and will be in my first professional tournament in April 2008.


I have also joined another local grp of people that ( and I think I touched on this a little b4) do paranormal investigations. We just had a meeting this past Monday and I will be going to my first investigation on Saturday night. I am really looking forward to that.


So yes all in all things are starting to look up. I still have no money lol but at least I have people to talk with both on here and in the 3 outside groups to keep me focused not to mention the Bowling.

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