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Came back from Melbourne nearly two weeks ago now, I think somehow that we may be moving there in the near future if Andy cant get a job down here before the Bub is born... It will be a great new start but I'm not sure still if iwant to move away from here...although getting away from co - dependant friends and gossip mongers would we absolutely wonderful.


Went to my first antenatal class on wednesday...if I wasnt scared before I am now lol...Andy being the sweetheart that he was came with me...I honestly thought he would be the one having the issues but no...he was fine and joking and having lots of fun and there i was thinking "OH SHIT!!!! What have i got myself into!!!


I think the worst part was the videos they were showing us...thnk of the dodgiest 80s porno you can think of...that was basically the typeof video they showed us... and it wasnt pretty...it was like watching my mother give birth at her age today in an 80s film * is scarred for life*


saying all that however, i did learn a lot and i know exactly what i want for the birth and find myself very lucky to have a hospital that prefers that women give birth naturally without intervention and drugs than forcing them into something they dont necessarily need :) ZOMG it only gonna be 12 weeks befoe i gets to hold my little boy!!!!!! AIIIIII how exciting!


Tassie weather has been all over the place but the thing that concerns me the most is the fact that we have had ONE day where it rained ..for maybe half an hour to an hour....since september...thats five months without anything...its so dry and dusty its beginning to get scary :S


hmm think this is most of the news for the moment...i feel the need for juice so i think i shall head off


take care all



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