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Bible Visitors



I forgot to mention the visit we had Monday evening. We generally do not get local Christiqans coming by the apartment to 'talk' about the bible, and I am not so sure we will get anymore any time soon.


Two gentlemen came by. When they stated they wanted to discuss the bible, I pointed out that they probably did not wish to get into a discussion on that book with me since I am a Waitch. The 'speaker' of the two immediatly asked if I had ever read Exodus 22:18. I then proceeded to point out the inaccuracies in the translation/transcription errors.


We chatted for about 45 minutes. He succeded in upsetting me with his assumptions, and (as expected) provided absolutly no valid arguments to support his thoughts. The biggest thing that bugged me was his attempt to make me feel bad for having served in the war. Trying to quote Jesus and his talk with a soldier, he assumed I went willingly, and I went to kill people.


Anyway, my girlfirend (not a witch) provided great arguments about her thoughts that Eve was set up, that there are to many sucker bets in the bible,a nd that it is inconsistent. On point she made was easily viewed from my time at the war. If a person commits suicide it is wrong...but if a person throws himself on a grenade to save the others in his truck, it is consided ok. That is still suicide. The reasons for it may be different, but it is still knowingly killing yourself. THe 'speaker' kept trying to tell us that the words in that book had to be taken literally, but he could not explain why it was ok to do one thing under certain circumstances when the bible clearly says it is not.


After 45 minutes of my girlfirend and I pointing out the flaws in thier arguments, they finally left.


Overall, it was very enjoyable to watch them struggle to find answers to our questions, and to watch them try to explain thier position without real substance to thier points.



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I had a Jehovah's witness come to my parents door when I was looking after there place for them. For the first five minuets all I really said was, OK, but I'm happy with my spiritual believes. He didn't get the message so then I started getting into the bible... and had a lengthy discussion about its contradictions. Needless to say he never really took anything in, just repeated himself a lot. Then he asked what my believes were... and I said I was a pagan. He looked a bit shocked and said... so you worship the Devil. I kinda laughed at that point and he said, oh is that something that people get wrong. I was quite shocked at that, lol. I said paganism is the collective name for a lot of earth based believes, and since most of these believes differ from person to person as they are not really organised, Its quite hard to explain fully. I also mentioned that there was no 'Devil' that he first assumed in paganism. He then said that he had to leave - he was there for quite a while... him and his two youngish sons. So I never got a chance to say much more about what I believed, lol. He did seem to be more open than most I have seen, but he never did come back to my parents house, lol.

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