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Well today is christmas !


I have to admit that i still love the festivities around this day and the traditions Andys family have, so far its been a wonderful day :D

(not to mention i have been spoilt rotten!)


so present wise i got the following


half a kilo worth or chocolate

Law and order svu box sets ( yes all of them, but its to be shared around the whole family...im not complaining tho Law and Order rocks!)

Gorgeous dress in a rainbow of colours thats soooo comfortable for the pregnancy

beautiful picture frame in pink and has butterflies all over them

Celtic oracle box set with 3 different oracle card sets in it

Victoria Rose perfume

two pendants, one a crab in black onyx ( since im cancer) and a goreous amethyst magic mushroom *loves*

the most awesome handbag ever! a black monogrammed H.I.M handbag with the killing lonliness insignia on it( is the perfect size too!)


And the best gift ever( cos im such a nerd:P) guitar hero 3 for the wii with the white gibson guitar *loves times a million*


Andy insisted that we listen to David hasselhoff's christmas cd over lunch ( so corny it hurt) but it was lots of fun! fresh lobster and prawns and lots of salad ..i ate way too many cherries and strawberries i think;)


At the moment everyone is too full to eat dessert so I'm watching Andy play Metroid prime 3 on the wii while writing this and listening to frankenhooker by the 69 eyes:P There is a very very yummy alcoholic trifle in the fridge and im just waiting to get my teeth stuck into it...nothing better on christmas to eat triple laddened with sweet sherry *giggles*


Im having too much fun ( if that can happen) and feel like im a little kid again! we have been doing everything from popping crackers to teasing the hell out of eachother!!!


I have to say that this is the best christmas ever!!! and ireally sincerly hope everyone heres day is as good as mine has been so far!!!


so to everyone here i send all my love and hugs and happiness and wish everyone a very happy holidays and the best new years ever!!!!!






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