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May be hiding under the bed for quite some time!

soap fairy


Waaaaaaahhhhhh !

I turn 30 in 5 short short days , I can almost feel the worry lines forming as we speak ..

And then I was walking through the local supermarket carpark and suddenly ran into a knights templar ???:confused: {finally realised it was a shop worker in xmas costume when I saw spiderman shelf stacking with two elfs}

But on the upside , the panatone came out beautifully{especially because I just ripped up dried apple rings and shoved them in..hmm gooeyy and delicious} and I've spent the last few nights at work making scurrillous cartoon figures then sticking collegues heads on them ! {A salutory lesson never to put photos on internet sites if you don't want them found and :twisted: with !}

So maybe life isn't all that bad


Happy yule to ye all , and heres to next year being the year that traditional witch takes over the world mwhahahahaha

Sands for president , Anjelwolf for defence minister , KW in charge of the prisons and arabi for minister for the arts ..hmm it could work...:flirt:


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hehehehe Happy holidays Soapfairy! I agree with your appointment of ministers and presidents good choice ;) Your panatone recipe sounds interesting! I've not had Panatone before, isnt that an Italian cake of some sorts?


Take care and happy new year!


Circe / Rose

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soap fairy


Oh I think so ! Yep its a cross between a cake and a fruit bread

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I, Arabi, do solemnly swear to uphold my post to the best of my abilities, bwhahaha!!!!! Let me at 'em! (evil grin)


You all just crack me up:)


Happy Birthday Soapfairy....I'd love to be 30 again {hugs}

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