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Chicken and sweetcorn soup

soap fairy


Well I had a very lovely landlady way back in the dim and distant who was very elderly and very jewish ,

Her main preoccupations used to be that I wasn't dressing warmly enough and that I wasn't eating therefore wouldn't get married and presumably my legs would fall off{:confused:}


Anywho , If she ever got wind of any of us being ill she'd immeadiatly be round with bowls of this stuff and frankly ..It does work! So being the little magpie I am , I got the recipe off her and having bronchitis , I've just sat at work and eaten a wacking great big bowl of it ..bliss :flirt:



Take a roat chicken carcass and boil in a pan of water with half a head of garlic , two onions , couple of sticks of celery and some salt.


When the meat has come away from the bones {after about approx 2 hrs} strain ,

put the stock back in the pan , squeeze the garlic and onion out of its skin into the stock ,

add two chopped peeled potatotes , a bowl of cooked yellow lentils , bay , rosemary , the celery and a stock cube .

Flake the chicken meat and add.

Chop the kernals off two ears of sweetcorn and add,

Simmer until thick and glorious !!

Stir in sour cream and pepper to serve :flirt:

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