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Update on all things soapy

soap fairy


Well peeps , email me addresses cause I'm gonna start sending out yule soap in the next week {would like to share with as many as possible , need the good karma!}

Other half is still hanging on to his job {possibly with his teeth , but when he said the bosses' wife liked him , I'm afraid I did say well you have my permission to go down the casting couch route if need be } He of course was horribly shocked and said that she didn't like him like that , she just thought he is good at his job {:shock:}

Got a job interview for a community job {didn't get it because the person they hired had more exp. but apparantly did a good interview and the s.f.b bloke I work with didn't get it either so thats ok!}

Couldn't really have done the job anyway because the contract was only till next august but it would have been nice to be offered it !

Had a superb week off with the babes , mostly spent it making pate and biscuits etc and sewing {will post pics v.v.v soon , I promise!}

Hes starting to talk a lot more and show much more attachment . Unfourtunatly this has meant everytime I've dropped him off at play group he's howled like fury and all I could hear last time as I ran for the car was him shouting out the window

'I can see you !! waaaaahhh' :shock: never felt guilt like it before in my life!!

Still no news on the house front but I think its just the wrong time of year so I'm keeping on trying .

Anywho..that was a long one..

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soap fairy


forgot to say , not charging for the soap , I haven't had it tested on anything other than small children and relatives ...mwahahaha but it means I can't do it as a job without having a little man come round and poke sticks at me :eek:

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