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So a few weeks ago, I noticed this tiny cat wondering around my apartment complex. After asking some of the neighbors, it seemed that it had been dumped off by someone. It's been getting quite chilly here in Maryland, and this little thing kept running up to me every time I was outside, begging to be held and cuddled. I'm not a cat person. I've never had a cat, and I really don't like them overly much. I've always been a sucker for strays, the lost ones who've no place to go and are stressed and lonely. I used to think this applied only to dogs, but my friends tell me I exhibit this adoption compassion trait with people too. Whatever.le


At any rate, my grand scheme was to take the cat in and put up posters and wait for someone to call for her. No one did. Time went by and I found that my poster had eventually been stripped away. In the meantime, this kitty and I were acclimating to each other. She just loves to be cuddled but isn't clingy. Finally, I broke and decided to keep her. I've named her Bombay.


Bombay is a grey tabby with weird eyes. A glowing, tiny blue ring around her pupils with this bright jade green fading into a rich amber. It's really odd. Her tail is poofy like a raccoon's. The vet said she was likely only about 8 months old so she's still a kitten. He also thinks she's partly Maine Coon because she has tipped ears.


Fiesty and sweet, she likes to sneak attack...anything, especially my ankles and boot laces. She wants to cuddle with me as soon as I get home from work, and wakes me up about 15 minutes before my alarm does so we can lay together and cuddle then too. She leaves my fishies alone, except she wants their toys. She gave Mirage a fungal infection from drinking his water, though she leaves Firefox alone mostly. Bombay is scared of men though, but she definitely knows who her Momma is! I absolutely adore her. :flirt:


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You are lucky to have each other. Glad you two met. She sounds wonderful:)

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