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Staying in touch



Good evening all, I just thought I might take some time tonight to let yall know I'm still around. I pop in every now and then just to see whats what. I post now and then but for the most part have just been doing this inward spirit searching on my own. Well not so much on my own really, I have met a few ppl that are giving me directions and suggestions along my path.


Also ( this is kind of off topic but I need some help with something ) my mother is going to court later this week to fight for her rights to see her grandson ( my son ) In case you forgot I am linking his pic again lol. http://www.axcessmypics.com/eagleheart75/_entry/c885520d14633f6c0114b76224cb195a/jsps/entry?foneblog=1188585974314

For a focus point lol. Anyway he has not seen my mom or his sister, my daughter, in months. I am just asking for a little positive mojo toward my son and my mom.


Back on topic now. This path has lead me to doing my genealogy in search of my ppl. The bloodline that runs in my heart. that rushes through my feathers as im flying with my brother and sister spirits. anyway, things are as I am being told grow spiritually for me rather fast. and im loving every minute of it. So thats it for now. I will get back with ya soon. :hugs:


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