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somebody up there definatly doesnt like me !!!

soap fairy


:mad:You know that feeling where the universe has just pulled down its trousers and let rip on your head !

Well either I was Hitler's dog in a past life or somebody really really doesn't like me because on top of everything that has happened recently the OH came home last night to announce that they're going to start laying people off at his work and since he was the last to be hired theres a very good chance he'll be going .....If I wasn't such a nice person I think I would be eying up the nearest tall building with a rifle :eek:

Dont worry I wont be , but the urge to pull the duvet over my head and say bum to the world is nearly overwhealming :shock:


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I know that felling all to well, just when you get a rung up on the ladder of life, you didn't notice that it had been cut halfway through and things look like they are improving, that the sun had come out just to say hello to only you that day, but the nasty little imp had other plans. And the rung snaps and you slide down three, but hang in there, soon you'll be up again. Trust me, lol, I know, but for an added boost I'll keep you in my prayers to help speed you along in you jounery to get you past this speed bump.

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Hope it doesn't come to OH losing his job, but if he does will be ready with a 'Phoenix from the ashes' spell! In the meantime will be working on him keeping it!! :hugs:

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