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Nothing better than carrot soup

soap fairy


I have to say that in the grand scheme of things there is nothing better than carrot and lentil soup so heres my recipe


1/2 pound of carrots washed and chopped

good cup of cooked red lentils

2 red onions chopped

chilli , garlic and fresh coriander

Cream and strong cheese

Chicken stock


sweat your onions lightly in a heavy pan then add your chopped carrots and fry for a few minutes.Add Chilli and garlic to taste

Add the cooked lentils and about 2 pints of chicken stock {veg if you prefer}.

Simmer until carrots are soft .

Blend the whole lot until smooth , add your chopped coriander , stir in single cream and top with grated strong cheese ...pig out!


I love this after really foogy walks , you know the sort that make your nose run and your feet damp.:flirt: Anyway trying to look on the bright side at the mment so this is my contribution to universal happiness:hugs:


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Dark Phoenix


WOW! That sounds extremely tasty! I could definatley go for that now!

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Yummy! This sounds great, now that the weather here is turning pretty nippy I think I'll give this a go. Thanks:)

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This sounds yummy!! I have a recipe for a creamy potato/broccoli vegan soup if you'd like...


I'm a huge soup/stew person when the autumn chill begins to set. I absolutely LOVE making soup...must be the potion maker in me.


Will definitely try this, thanks again!

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