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Black Sheep Unite!...



No, really....


So going back to Colorado is a good thing and a bad thing. Good thing financially and we will be a lot closer to his family. The bad news is that we will be a lot closer to mine. Not really a big deal if you don't mind tyrannical matriarch that is my step-mother.:rolleyes:(my mother has passed away) I have always been the black sheep of the family. I keep trying to fit in because they are my family but I really don't.


No I am not angst-y. It would just be nice if I could be myself and still be accepted by them. Which all sounds logical and good...until I looked at what I was doing. I am doing the equivalent of being a xtian and asking a Muslim family to love me for who I am. No matter how hard I tried I would have to not be me, to be with them. If they were not family I would not try as hard.


So honestly I am not looking forward to going to Colorado, but only because I am not willing to go quietly into the night any more.


This past month or so I have started drinking after my son goes to bed and smoking cloves. My eating has gone to hell and so has my figure. Hey but I still have my husband and son who love me no matter what. :hugs:


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It came to mind, this comparission:


Talking about religion is like talking about sex -- typically such an uncomfortable experience that sometimes it's just better to pretend no one has it.



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True on some levels. I am sorry you feeling stress hun. My foster family and I arent close (well one of my sisters and I are, but that was after YEARS of simply not talking).


They say you can pick your nose but not your family.


Well if you ask me...


I'd rather pick my damn nose...


That way...


I might get something interesting back LOL!


(laughs, then shivers as she gives herself an awful image LOL)

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What are cloves like to smoke??!! Do you mean the ones used in cooking?


Better to be a black sheep than a horrible old step-mother wolf!!


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soap fairy


I know clove ciggies are a big thing in india , supposed to make the tobacco taste less harsh .

:hugs:Just remember what Oscar Wilde said

'We cant choose our families ,thank god we can choose our friends '

You're not a black sheep , you're a ninja sheep !

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Thank you so much every one! I really appreciate what you had to say.


About the clove cigs, they are, I think, only half clove and half tobacco. Also just like cloves the smoke leaves your tongue a little numb. You can bite down on a clove if you have a tooth ache and it will numb it.


I have also decided to cut back on my eating. I only eat 2 times a day now. Breakfast and Dinner so hopefully this will help!

Oh and I stopped drinking!


Anyway, thank you for all the support!

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