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About this blog

Hi! I've decided to start a blog for compiling information I find about Polish Folk magic, both for myself and anyone interested 🙂

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Vampire trees

Ancient slavs both feared and venerated certain trees. One of these was the aspen tree, which has leaves so volatile they blow in the faintest of breeze. This lead the ancients to associate them with the silent mutterings of spirits and the aspen was believed to be a tree of great power which should not be touched and should be treated with great care. This is reflected in how old stakes to kill vampires were often originally fashioned out of aspen. The willow tree also had poor associations- it


redumbrella in Tree lore

Magic Belt of Poland

Magic Belt of Poland   The Magic Belt of Poland is a special belt in with inscribed symbols significant in Polish folk practices which has been missing since the end of the Second World War. Replicas of some of the symbols are still sold to this day in occult shops online. The same symbols are featured in the book "Talismans and Amulets" by Felicitas H. Nelson.   The original belt was 2.28m (89" long) parchment scroll with the magic symbols inscribed on the outside and the pr


redumbrella in Folklore

Book extract of interest

"There is evidence to suggest that rituals and beliefs associated with the pre-Christian religious system were still apparent in Poland as late as the sixteenth century7 and conflicting views among historians and ethnographers as to the nature of Slavonic pagan beliefs provoked great debate.8 One theory suggests an Ancient Greek-style pantheon of Slavonic gods and goddesses with responsibilities for individual spheres, while others argue for monotheism. The earliest mentions of Slavonic gods com


redumbrella in Folklore

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