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Wandering the path of poisons with me

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About this blog

This will be a internet friendly version and I shall attempt to tip toe on this rather delicate topic. This is my personal experience and path, as much as I feel like sharing, hoping to help others walk safely among the poisons.


When I was a kid life was hard, bullies kept walking all over me because i was different - how exactly did not occur to me until much later. Witchcraft was one of my favorite subjects and especially that of the other dimensions, realms and the creatures therein. And what I found to be one of the keys or ways to connect and travel to those place was the Flying Ointment.

Back then it was only the ointment - no oils, tinctures, or other variations. So of course I wanted to make ointment and go to the witches sabbath and meet the devil. I was 7.

It took a some time but when I was 8 or maybe even 9 I made my first ointment. I had no recipe but knew several of the ingredients after studying very hard at the local library, reading absolutely everything I could find about these plants. Luckily I lived further south back then and it was easy to find the herbs needed. However, I also used Hemlock and Wolfsbane ! Yes, you read correctly - Conium Maculatum and Aconitum.

Luckily I took it all very seriously, wore mask and gloves and cleaned up after myself.  When I say lucky, I mean it. I do not recommend that anyone do this. Not even as an adult.

Now both herbs have their use in the craft but you should spend a lot of time learning before you attempt working with these. Books alone is just not enough, you should take online courses, speak to witches with lots of serious experience - and if you can, do as I did in the 90s, date a biochemist and access a lab 😉



- One of my childhood books that I used for studying poison plants -

- Childhood scrapbook for clippings of poison plants -



- In my dining room blending aphrodisiacs -



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