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This is a where I’ll share my spells, experiences and etc with the community

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Who is this guy, pls help?

Today in the morning I received a distressing tarot reading about what November 2018 has in store for me, the user used a Alice in Wonderland tarot deck the image I've provided is from this Alice in Wonderland deck: “1. WHAT IS THE MAGIC IN YOUR LFE RIGHT NOW? – 5 of Pentacles – in this card we see Alice and the Fawn in “the wood where things have no names.” This is a place where no one knows who they are and nothing knows what it is. Things have no names, no concept of selves, no memories, n



Dreamer’s Eyes Reveal Honest Emotions

Greetings, Today I’d like to share with u a simple spell anyone and everyone can cast to look into the point of view of a target without any harm being done to the individual. Now here’s the link to the original post https://trufflestarot.deviantart.com/art/Dreamers-Eyes-Reveal-Honest-Emotions-740638781. I would have copied and paste the entire thing here but on the other server it wouldn’t let me do so. I thought it was a good idea to share something that has worked for me with the community.



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