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About this blog

Its just me, my thoughts, and some things that I have learned.

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Garden Planning

I have a bit of a brown thumb some might say. I seem to struggle to love my plants the right way. Too much water. Not enough water. Not right amount of sun. Not fertalizing them right.  Its a sad struggle. The only things I succesfully grew last year was wild flowers and carrots. Everything else died are gave me no produce.  I am going to try again this year. Gonna try the 5 gallon bucket method. Just growing a few different things.  Any simple suggestions for me to try or keep in


December in Gardening

did some planting

I find myself in a perfect content happiness when i plant something. Im getting things ready for the winter and i am also getting some bulbs planted. I know it is a bit late in the season to be planting bulbs, i think it will be just fine. Feels so good to be planting the seeds for the future. This  makes the process sound so grand and imperative, but it is a tangible way to connect to the future. Yes there is always the chance that the bulbs I am planting now may not sprout in the spring, but t


December in planting

fresh start?

I am opening myself up to the world again. I have, for so long, closed myself off to places, people, and things. Yet by doing this I have ended up feeling so secluded and alone. I am hating this feeling. I know I am missing so much. I want to take things on. Find the magic in the world around me again. Find more magical people in my life. I need to fall in love with things again. Romanticizes as much of my life as i possibly gain.Who wants to join me?


December in life

Mango Seeds

So I have 2 dried mango seeds. One day I had a hunger for mango, this is a craving I have never had. I dont hate mango, I have just never thought "damn i could really go for a mango right now." But i digress. After i ate them i was left with the strong urge to save them. Something told me to save them and one day i will need them.   I have been trying to find info on the magical uses for it, but no real luck. Its a seed so it is clearly a symbol of new life, new beginnings. They traditionally co



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