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Knowledge of the Moon: Signs, Phases, Mansions etc

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Moon Phases: A Guide

I am writing this because of the increased interest in the moon and her phases due to the recent Blue Moon phenomenon. Many people are confused about how moon phases work. My hope is that the information presented will illuminate you such as the moon is illuminated by the sun and hopefully you wont be left in the dark. The revolution of the Moon around the Earth makes the Moon appear as if it is changing in the sky. This happens by the different angles from which we see the bright part o




I decided to start a blog I am calling the Book of Sariel,   Sariel is an Angel of Enoch who taught mankind the course of the moon. I thought it a fitting name for my lunar information blog . My goal is to write about the Moon's phases, mansions and signs. I would also encourage readers to message me with questions, suggestions and information regarding the moon and its mysteries. Don't be afraid to private message me and always remember if something I write isn't congruent with you belief syst



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