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Magickal Uses of Woods

Jun 16 2011 08:45 PM | Tana in Traditions

Magickal Uses of Woods Taken from the ancient Celtic tree alphabet. Individual trees of particular species have been revered, the kind varying with the divine force represented. The symbolism of the woods are very important in the construction of any...

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The Children of Lir

Mar 11 2010 11:59 PM | Tana in Traditions

From: www.chalicecentre.net Out of the world's thread, fates' fingers spinning. Some lives are shot with gold, others with shadow. This is a tale of enchantment and exile, of four lives woven together by white swan's feather, storm and ice and the soun...

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Satanism and Witchcraft

Feb 20 2010 02:47 AM | arabi in Traditions

The info I'm sharing is coming from my personal grimoire as well as the Satanic Bible. A few other thoughts from other Satanists have been thrown into the mix; which I'll point out and quote. You may find alot of similarities between Trad Craft and Sat...

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