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A Typical Day's Torture for a Witch

Mar 11 2010 05:30 PM | AnjelWolf in History

Verbatim report of the first days of torture of a woman accused of witchcraft at Prossneck, Germany, in 1629. 1. The hangman bound the hands, cut her hair, and placed her on the ladder. He threw alcohol over her head and set fire to it so as to burn h...

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The Witchcraft act

Feb 27 2010 02:13 PM | Tana in History

Persecution and 'Witchcraft' (Laws relating to Witchcraft in the UK legal system)http://www.johnnyfin.../witchcraft.htmSome authors have tried to suggest that the professions of both chiromancy and astrology were particularly maligned by the St...

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The Witch Hunt Timeline

Feb 27 2010 11:22 PM | Tana in History

The Witch hunt timeline From www.religioustolerance.orgPrior to the 9th century CE: There was a widespread popular belief that evil Witches existed. They were seen as evil persons, primarily women, who devoted their lives to harming and killing others...

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