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The Fae Trees of Britain

Aug 10 2011 03:55 PM | Tana in Perspectives

Written by 8peopleIn british tree lore the Rowan, Hawthorn and Elder are considered a trinity of trees associated with faeries. This is largely because of the white blossoms - though the Hawthorn native to england has pink edges to the blossoms (Cratae...

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Stonehenge - some notes on the development and...

Jul 11 2011 10:00 AM | Tana in Member Articles

“So the physical existence of humans, the way they made tools and their subsistence activities, is within the realms of explanation... It’s the mental life of humans, their belief systems and the way they see the world that provide the difficulty.” (Je...

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Magickal Uses of Woods

Jun 16 2011 08:45 PM | Tana in Traditions

Magickal Uses of Woods Taken from the ancient Celtic tree alphabet. Individual trees of particular species have been revered, the kind varying with the divine force represented. The symbolism of the woods are very important in the construction of any...

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Dream States

Mar 11 2010 02:17 PM | mcdee2005 in Perspectives

The Simple Answer is No There are many different dream states that you may find yourself in throughout your life i have listed some of the dream states Below. ORDINARY DREAMS They are created by ourselves as the reality we want. Dream reality is re...

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The Children of Lir

Mar 11 2010 11:59 PM | Tana in Traditions

From: www.chalicecentre.net Out of the world's thread, fates' fingers spinning. Some lives are shot with gold, others with shadow. This is a tale of enchantment and exile, of four lives woven together by white swan's feather, storm and ice and the soun...

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A Typical Day's Torture for a Witch

Mar 11 2010 05:30 PM | AnjelWolf in History

Verbatim report of the first days of torture of a woman accused of witchcraft at Prossneck, Germany, in 1629. 1. The hangman bound the hands, cut her hair, and placed her on the ladder. He threw alcohol over her head and set fire to it so as to burn h...

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Satanism and Witchcraft

Feb 20 2010 02:47 AM | arabi in Traditions

The info I'm sharing is coming from my personal grimoire as well as the Satanic Bible. A few other thoughts from other Satanists have been thrown into the mix; which I'll point out and quote. You may find alot of similarities between Trad Craft and Sat...

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The Witchcraft act

Feb 27 2010 02:13 PM | Tana in History

Persecution and 'Witchcraft' (Laws relating to Witchcraft in the UK legal system)http://www.johnnyfin.../witchcraft.htmSome authors have tried to suggest that the professions of both chiromancy and astrology were particularly maligned by the St...

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The Witch Hunt Timeline

Feb 27 2010 11:22 PM | Tana in History

The Witch hunt timeline From www.religioustolerance.orgPrior to the 9th century CE: There was a widespread popular belief that evil Witches existed. They were seen as evil persons, primarily women, who devoted their lives to harming and killing others...

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